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The Gov Report - Volume 4 / December 2017
Year-End Procedures: Payroll and Accounting Suite
December is an exciting and busy time of the year. In addition to the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it's also time for many of you to perform year-end procedures and close out the current year. QS/1 wants this to be a stress-free process, so we prepared detailed instructions and videos to assist you.

Payroll Customers
You must verify 2017's information prior to processing the first payroll of 2018. You also must print W2s and reset year-to-date figures and leave balances. We strongly suggest you verify 2017's payroll information as soon as possible to avoid the year-end rush.

Accounting Suite Customers
If the end of the calendar year also marks the end of your fiscal year, you must perform the year-end steps prior to working in the new fiscal year.

To access year-end instructions, including options for leave balances and steps to printing 1099 forms, visit, and click Periodic Procedures. In addition to those instructions, we are hosting three WebEx sessions to review Payroll and Accounting Suite procedures.

If you need additional assistance, please contact customer support at 800.235.0762. Agents are available to take your call Monday through Friday from 8
AM to 6 PM, EST. If you have a question that does not require an immediate answer, submit your question via Ask Support a Question, and you will receive a response before the end of the next business day.

To register for a WebEx session, click the Register button below and choose your date and time.
  • Payroll Year-End Overview - December 12 at 3 PM and December 14 at 10 AM
  • Accounting Suite Q Series Fiscal Year-End Overview - December 13 at 10 AM

New Alternative Fuel Fees
Beginning January 1, 2018, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles will charge an additional fee for plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles. Owners of plug-in and fuel-cell electric vehicles will pay a biennial fee of $120; owners of hybrid electric vehicles will pay a biennial fee of $60. These fees are in addition to the standard registration fees and will be included in the DMV's registration fees. In Service Pack 7.1.11, an Alt Fuel Fee field was added to the following screens:
  • More Information
  • Add/Change Vehicle Update File
  • Review Calculated Vehicles
Disaster Recovery
In light of the recent hurricanes and subsequent flooding across the southern United States, QS/1 believes it's a good time to review your disaster-recovery plans to ensure your operation can function if disaster strikes. QS/1 can protect your data and get your office back up and running after a natural disaster or hardware failure. Many of you are able to access your data via the cloud, which means you have a large portion of a disaster-recovery plan already in place.

In addition, QS/1 has an extensive plan that includes backing up customer data to two separate data centers. For those of you who house your own server, we offer a Remote Backup service that would allow us to host your data via the cloud while your local server and/or hardware is repaired or replaced. This critical service is offered at no additional charge beyond the Remote Backup service fee.

After a major event, utility districts may need to communicate with their customers. QS/1's Utility Billing software offers several options to help, including the ability to send your customers customized emails, such as a boil water advisory. Another option allows you to import a file into an outbound IVR system that can deliver an important message via a phone call. Both options allow you to select which customers receive the messages.

Additionally, QS/1 provides multiple options to communicate with your customers, such as adding a message to an invoice or generating customized labels for mailing. For QS/1 Customers who use our printing and mailing services, we can also create an insert to be mailed with invoices printed by QS/1.

For more information or to enroll in our Remote Backup service, contact Jim Mitchell at 800.235.0762, ext. 7044 or
Coming Soon: Service Pack 7.1.11

Service Pack 7.1.11 includes expansive changes to Miscellaneous Receipts, Journal Entries and Quick Check Processing to improve activity tracking and strengthen accounting controls. Details and a webinar will be posted soon on the Customer Support website.The release includes the following enhancements.


General Ledger Account Interface:

  • A/I hyperlink search
  • Post to Bank Recon option
  • Record Type of Deposit, Interest and Check
  • Receipt (RC) type interfaces allow the use of two cash/debit accounts
  • Project Accounting number lookup and a Bank CD field
  • Display Total # of Entries, Debit amount, Credit amount and Balance at the bottom of the screen
  • Validate Bank Code against Accounts Payable Fund Interface screen

General Ledger Entries:

  • Search hyperlinks for Journal Entry Number, Transaction Type and Account Interface
  • Removed Review and Add buttons. Reset button on menu bar can change from review to add mode
  • Post to Bank Recon option
  • Assign Journal Entry Number and track User initials and System Date
  • Look up for Project Accounting
  • Display Total for # of Entries, Debit amount, Credit amount and Balance at the bottom of screen
  • Require description for Budget Transfer and Supplemental Appropriation Entries
  • Allow voiding of journal entries

Encumbrance/Purchase Order Processing:

  • Encumbrances not liquidated by an invoice must be liquidated on Review/Liquidate Encumbrances
  • Store user initials in history file on encumbrance liquidations

Account File Processing:

  • JE Number to Review Debits and Credits screen

Miscellaneous Receipts:

  • Display two debit/cash accounts, if using a RC account interface set for two
  • Post to Bank Recon option on debit account information
  • Post to Project Accounting on credit account information
  • Search by Receipt # or Received From
  • Allow Reprint of receipt in review mode
  • Ability to Void Receipts

Quick Check Processing:

  • Search hyperlinks for Check #, Pay To name and Account Interface
  • Vendor look up
  • Display period (Pd), fiscal year (FY) and User initials
  • Post to Project Acct. option


  • Created OAR file for SC Department of Employment and Workforce web based reporting system SUITS
  • Organized Control Options screen and added Print Zero Pay Types and Print Zero Deductions for checks and deposit slips


  • Created Work Order Employee file
  • New customer types of Bulk Sales and Institutional
  • Interface with Utility Cloud for use of work orders out in the field. If your office is interested in using Utility Cloud features, please contact a QS/1 representative


Register Setup:

  • Option for Multiple Receipts. Valid values 1-9

Application Information:

  • Option to print account detail level 4 or 5 on receipt for Application ID APGL

Payment Processing – Miscellaneous Receipts:

  • Allow page scrolling if there are more than 10 credit entries for an account interface
  • Changed the “Received of” label to read “Received From”
  • Store user initials in history file on encumbrance liquidations

Payment Receipts:

  • Receipt Print program was updated to include Account Interface Description, Received From, Description, Miscellaneous Receipt # and Account Level 4/5 Description information for each miscellaneous receipt payment included in the transaction - this information will print on the duplicate receipts as well.


  • Detail Cashier Report
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